Let’s get this over with.

I do love Arizona State University AthleticsASU-Alumnus-Sparky. I love Sparky. I love the pitchfork logo.

I post so many designs on social media that use both. That is considered “fan art”. I do that for fun and enjoyment. When I post those types of items on social media it promotes the various brands of ASU. I am not looking to profit from those “fan art” designs.

There are certain designs that I have created that I offer as apparel. There will be future designs. However, neither Sparky nor the pitchfork logo will be part of the designs.

I cannot offer those registered brand trademarks in my design. Simple as that. It is illegal. I cannot use those items in my products at this time.

I am working on that though. I have spoken to the licensing department at ASU and understand what needs to be done in order to be NCAA licensed. There is a lot to it & I am not there, YET!

I would love for my designs to be sold with Sparky or the pitchfork. That will happen some day. Maybe I will become NCAA licensed and get approval of my designs for sale or maybe one of the apparel companies will be smart and hire me.

Until one of those happens, you’ll see artwork created for fun as “fan art” and designs I release that I intend to sell on my own.

Whew! Now, let’s move along…shall we.