I have always enjoyed watching my children do things they love. Each has their own passions, even at this young age. My wife and I try to encourage those passions. One fun thing I do with my kids periodically is sitting at the table drawing. Sometimes we draw whatever we feel like. Other times we challenge one another to draw something specific.

My daughter has a gift. Not sure if she will pursue her gift long-term, so for now I will treasure it for as long as I can. Her gift is the ability to translate the pictures in her mind to paper. We’re not talking classical masterpieces the likes of the greats, but she has a cool style for a four-year-old. I have been truly impressed by many of the drawings she has created for us.

A couple of days ago my daughter was at the table huddled over a piece of paper like she often is. I wasn’t allowed to see what she was working on. Not until it was finished. What she revealed to us was an outstanding picture she drew. It’s a picture of her mom. It was a cute & cool drawing. We heaped lots of praise and encouragement.

I decided to convert the drawing to digital form to keep a copy for myself and then realized it would make a cool shirt. It is now available. When my daughter saw that I put her art on a shirt she grabbed a few more pieces of paper and created additional drawings. I’ve made those available as well. I plan to make more available over time if she is good with it. Some drawings will only be for us. Will be some great memories in the future when we look at the drawings again. We’ve been keeping them in a safe place.

I could not be prouder of her abilities. Her ability to draw what she visualizes far surpasses my skills, even after more than 20 years’ experience. Can’t wait to see more of her creations.

These are the items I have converted to digital and made available here on this site.