Here is an update on where things are in the process of me selling my designs as officially licensed apparel.

I have inquired about licensing. Was told I do not directly need licensing as long as any designs I offer with trademarks owned by ASU are submitted for approval and then produced by the appropriately licensed company. This is how I plan to proceed.

The next hurdle to clear is meeting the requirements of the licensed screen printers. They cannot offer one at a time (or one-off) printing. It’s not cost effective for anyone involved.  At best, I would need to order 12-15 shirts of the same color that will have the same artwork screen printed on them. That means I would need to take orders for shirts and hold the orders until I have enough to meet the minimum order. This would be the process to start. If I can get enough orders on a regular basis, it makes sense to keep going.

I would then be packaging and shipping shirts myself, instead of using the screen printers for fulfillment. Another thing that I must consider.

It is all possible. It depends on the willingess of people to buy that will keep this process moving forward. If nobody is buying, there is no reason to continue. That is the bottom line in any business. Supply & demand.