david-fanfest-forksupI’ve had people question why I do the things I do. Many times. Have been told to stop wasting my time as well. The simple truth is I do what I do because I enjoy it so much. That’s why I post so much of it.

I have a passion. It is football. It is a specific college football team. It is the Arizona State University Sun Devils. I want to share that passion.

In the last few years I’ve begun creating fan art and posting it on social media. It’s fun. It’s one way I can express my fanatical love for my beloved Sun Devils. Sadly, I cannot contribute financially the way I want to. I own and operate a small business. The earning from the business are focused on providing for the family and what remains doesn’t allow for season tickets or contributions to the athletics program.

So, I created my own way to contribute. It may not equate to advancing the bottom line of ASU’s financial efforts, but it does allow me the opportunity to support in a way that utilizes my talents.

Maybe some day the passion will translate to something that enables me to support ASU Athletics with monetary value.

To me, there is real value in sharing my passion the best way I can at this point. #ForksUp