Fans of in the State of Arizona, especially college football fans, need no introduction to #nDo. If you do, you may be living under a rock.

#nDo (or #NewDevilsOrder) is a movement of excellence for the athletic programs of our favorite university.

Long story short, there is a shift in momentum that is beginning at the university. It is not just a football thing, but a new attitude throughout the university’s athletics programs, academics and even the approach the university takes on a daily basis.

However, the specific #nDo that has many fans excited is the commitment of the state’s top athletes to the athletics programs like football. For many years this has not been the case. Far too often high school athletes opted to leave the state for other programs. This latest football recruiting cycle may be evidence in a change. A new mindset of the young, local athletes. They are beginning to see the opportunity to build a legacy right in their own backyard. A place where their family and friends can witness it firsthand. They are the next generation of Sun Devils. They are the new era (or order if you will).

New. Devils. Order.